From the Archive: Alnico Blue

Back in 1994 Celestion re-issued the speaker that started it all, the Alnico Blue.

June 19, 2014

T0530, what came to be known as the Alnico Blue, was the world's first dedicated guitar speaker. It evolved from a G12 radio speaker that was toughend to withstand the more rigorous demands of a guitar amplifier. Soon after it got a coat of Blue paint, and a legend was born....

Although produced in a number of different incarnations throughout the 60s, Alnico speakers went out of production by the 1970s due to the prohibitively high cost of the rare earth elements required to manufacture the magnets.

The in the 1990s, after the discovery of a cache of practically unused original 60s Blues, Celestion's engineers got the opportunity to probe the speaker's "tonal secrets". And with the magnet materials more affordable once again, in 1994 the Alnico Blue was re-created in all its glory.

Find out more about the Blue by clicking here. Or read the attached datasheet, by clicking the PDF link below.
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