Interview: Behind the Scenes at Celestion

In this interview, North America sales manager and gigging guitarist Rick Skillman talks about his gear and some of the secrets behind Celestion and behind great tone.

August 15, 2013

Rick Skillman (left) with country guitar supremo Arnie Newman
Here's a link to an episode (MP3 file) of the Flo Guitar Enthusiasts radio show from a few weeks back. It features an in-depth interview with Celestion sales manager and gigging guitarist Rick Skillman.

Rick talks about the gear he uses (around 6.30 into the recording) and goes on to talk about his long involvement and career with Celestion.

Tune in to find out answers some of the questions you've always wanted to know about tonal differences and the characteristics of different Celestion guitar speakers; some of the history behind the products; and what terms like power handling really mean.
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