George Lynch: debut video release from KXM

KXM the new project featuring guitarist and Celestion Partner in Tone George Lynch (LYNCH MOB, DOKKEN), have released their debut video, 'Rescue Me'.

March 7, 2014

KXM the new project featuring drummer Ray Luzier (KORN), bassist/vocalist Doug Pinnick (KING'S X) and guitarist George Lynch (LYNCH MOB, DOKKEN), have released a video, 'Rescue Me' in anticipation of the launch of their self-titled debut album, which will emerge on March 11 via Rat Pak Records.

Produced by KXM with Chris Collier, who is known for his work with LYNCH MOB, Lita Ford and Tommy Bolin, to name a few. KXM takes its name from the combination of the members' other projects: K from KORN, X from KING'S X and M from LYNCH MOB.

A pre-order for the KXM album has been launched on the Rat Pak web site. The effort is available in various bundles, includes signed CDs; CDs and t-shirts; and even a phone call from a bandmember.

According to the official press release, "the self-titled debut of KXM is something truly unique and special. The songs are powerful, precise, and transcend beyond the boundaries of the imagination.

"In today's overpopulated music arena, true gems become harder and harder to find, but KXM's unified vision rises above the normal and creates its own space."
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