Hear the Difference: The Ultimate Speaker Demo!

The speaker is the last thing that you hear in your guitar signal chain, but it's sometimes difficult to compare speakers in order to really hear the differences. The Ultimate Speaker Demo, streaming live at GearTunes.com, will help you do just that!

March 12, 2013

Ultimate Demo Guy: Doug Doppler
The speaker is the last piece of gear in a guitar player's signal chain and plays a vital role translating everything from pick attack to amp settings, all of which varies dramatically from style to style.

To help guitar players navigate the immense amount of choice available when selecting speakers, amps, guitars, effects and everything else, gear demonstrator and Guitar Hero® session player Doug Doppler brings you The Ultimate Speaker Demo, a chance to hear Celestion speakers as part of nine style-specific signal chains:

1. Experienced Clean
2. Texas Blues
3. ODS Blues Rock
4. Irish Chime
5. Power Pop Punk
6. Low Down
7. Brown Sound
8 Jemmed
9. Satched

Multi-platinum and Grammy Award winning producer/mixer Neil Dorfsman (Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Dire Straits, Billy Idol) will be tracking and mixing The Ultimate Speaker Demo to ensure that the nuance of each speaker and style is captured accurately.

The Ultimate Speaker Demo will stream live at GearTunes.com and VintageGuitar.com from 25th Street Recording in Oakland, CA on 14th - 17th March.

GearTunes.com is a brand new website that helps "connect the dots" between professionally recorded gear demos and quality retailers, offering a massive library of demos for gearheads and recording enthusiasts alike.
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